Mr.Holmes Bakehouse

DSC_0625DSC_0629DSC_0644DSC_0619The infamous cruffin!!!!! ^^^DSC_0646DSC_0639If you are big foodie like me you have probably heard of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Before I visit any city I do a lot of research on the best places to eat so I obviously had to check out the most hyped bakery in San Francisco. Mr. Holmes is known for their invention of the infamous cruffin. Y’all, it’s a croissant muffin and it is so freakin’ good. They bake everything fresh that morning and only have a limited number so you have to get there early. They open at 7 but the cruffins don’t roll out until around 9. We went on a Tuesday around 9:30 and there was only about 5 people in line but they were already starting to run out of stuff. I definitely recommend going on a weekday because they told us that on the weekends people get there right at 7 and wait in a line that wraps all the way around the building for 2 hours until the cruffins come out at 9. Every day the cruffins are a different flavor. When we went the flavor was huckleberry jam! Even though the cruffins are the most talked about thing on the menu let me just say that everything else is seriously just as good. We also got an artichoke feta danish, strawberry brioche bomb, ube puff (looks & tastes like a homemade pop-tart), coffee cardamom donut, blackberry bostock and a california croissant. And yes, we ate it all. In my opinion it definitely lived up to all of the hype. So if you are in San Francisco and willing to get up at the crack of dawn I highly recommend it!!



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