Marfa, TX

welcome to marfa (1 of 1)welcome to marfa2 (1 of 1)Marfa is a little town located in the middle of the West Texas desert. With a population of less than 2,000 people, the town is kept alive through its thriving contemporary art scene and nomadic tourism. Most of Marfa can be seen in a day or two and is the perfect destination for a weekend girls trip. If you want to get the full Marfa experience, make sure you go on a weekend because most everything is closed during the week and the town is pretty deserted. prada marfa1 (1 of 1)prada marfa2 (1 of 1)prada marfa3 (1 of 1)One of the must see attractions in Marfa is the infamous Prada Marfa store, where you can’t go in or buy anything. It lies right off the highway 30 min from Marfa in a little town called Valentine. There is nothing around for miles, which is why the art installation has gained so much attention. Out of all the places they could have put this, they chose to put it in the middle the West Texas desert. This is just one of the strange but amazing things that makes Marfa, Marfa.see mystery lightsmystery lights viewing center (1 of 1)The Marfa mystery lights, also known as the Marfa ghost lights is another must see. Rumor has it that if you go out to the viewing center late at night you might see the unexplainable, paranormal lights that appear in the distance. People have claimed the lights to be things such as ghosts and UFO’s. Scientific research suggests the lights are just atmospheric reflections of automobile headlights and campfires. Either way it is still fun to go check it out. Even if you don’t see the mystery lights, the viewing center provides the best view of the incredible West Texas stars.marfa burrito (1 of 1)marfa burrito2 (1 of 1)For breakfast you have to go to Marfa Burrito!! This quaint little breakfast spot is run by a women named Ramona out of her kitchen inside of her home. She speaks no english so you need to brush up on your spanish before you go. She makes everything from scratch  daily, including the tortillas. This was seriously the most delicious breakfast burrito I have ever had. This is Matthew Mcconaughey’s favorite spot so if you are lucky enough you might even run into him while you’re there.

If you need a little morning pick me up Do your Thing is the cutest coffee shop with really good coffee imported from San Fransisco.

food shark2 (1 of 1)food shark (1 of 1)food shark4 (1 of 1)While you are in Marfa you absolutely have to go eat at Food Shark. I got the marfalafel with hummus and it was hands down the best taco I have ever had. It was filled with fried falafel balls, fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, tahini, yogurt and harissa sauces and hummus. We made the mistake of waiting until Saturday to try it. After we ate it we wanted it atleast one more time before we left but they are only open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-3. hotel el paisano4 (1 of 1)hotel el paisano2 (1 of 1)hotel el pasino1 (1 of 1)jetts grill2 (1 of 1)Most of the places in Marfa are casual but if you are feeling a little fancier and looking for a really good dinner head over to Jett’s Grill at the El Paisano Hotel. It has a great atmosphere and really good food and drinks. The hotel is famous for being the headquarters for the filming of the 1950’s movie GIANT with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James foundation (1 of 1)wine (1 of 1)If you are craving pizza you need to stop by the Pizza Foundation. This was one of the best pizzas I have ever had (I know I’ve said that a lot but the food in Marfa is seriously the best). Come hungry because the pizzas are HUGE. We got the white pizza which had spinach, ricotta cheese and olive oil and black pepper instead of tomato sauce. They are only open Friday-Sunday from 12:45-9. We made the mistake of going right at 8 and had to beg them to make one more pizza. They say they are open until 9 but they stop taking orders at 8 because each pizza takes an hour to cook. If you call ahead you can go pick it up and take it to go or eat it there.late night grilled cheese5 (1 of 1)late night grilled cheese4 (1 of 1)late night grilled cheese1 (1 of 1)late night grilled cheese2 (1 of 1)The Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlour. This place is SO Marfa-y that it’s almost too much. Almost. It is probably the strangest place I have ever been but the grilled cheese is worth the trip. When you pull up you will be very hesitant to go inside because the outside doesn’t look very inviting. It is located in the smallest run-down building but when you go in you can’t help but be intrigued. You walk in and there are old school electronics everywhere. All of the old TVs and radios are on different random channels, some that work and some that are static. Very strange. It is only one guy that runs the whole place and man does he make a mean grilled cheese. beer garden (1 of 1)door wreathsplanet marfa (1 of 1)beer garden2 (1 of 1)beer garden bus1 (1 of 1)If you are wanting to get drinks somewhere with a fun atmosphere the Planet Marfa Beer Garden is a must. They have a small menu of appetizers and a large selection of beer. They also have an old vintage school bus that they decorated and turned into an area where you can hang out and drink. katie st john2 (1 of 1)After reading this post you are probably wondering if all we did on this trip was eat and the answer is yes, pretty much. For such a small town in the middle of no where the food options are amazing. Maria is definitely a one of a kind place, there is really nothing else like it. The fact that they chose to put such an interesting, artsy place in the middle of no where is what makes it so cool. I would say the two best things about Marfa are the food and the art. Being the foodie that I am my main focus was making sure I hit all of the restaurants rather than going to all of the art museums. If you are into art click the link to check out all of the art Marfa offers ——> Art in Marfa.

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