Magnolia Market

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If you are passing through Waco you have to stop by the Magnolia Market! If you are a fan of the show Fixer Upper then you already know all about the market and probably had a serious fan girl moment (like I did) when you first visited. For those of you who don’t know, the Magnolia Market is owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines (the stars of the HGTV show Fixer Upper) where they sell products featured in their home and on the show.

When you first get there you have to go inside and do a little shopping. They have an amazing collection of unique and inspiring design items and home decor. I saw a few things that I wanted but the line was 2 hours long to buy something and we did not feel like waiting. The market was amazing but I will say the downside is deffinitly how crowded it gets. Even if you don’t buy something there is plenty more to see and do that makes the trip worth while.

Once you get hungry (because you know shopping can work up quite an appetite) you can head out to the lawn right outside of the market that has several really yummy food trucks. I had the most delicious jalapeño popper crepe from the cutest little crepe stand. The fresh pressed juice from the Luna Juice truck is also really good!!

As if the food trucks weren’t enough, they have the most amazing bakery on site with all kinds of yummy cupcakes, cookies, and homemade pastries. The line to get in was wrapped around the building but it goes by really fast so don’t be discouraged! They have a really good system where they give you a card with everything they have on the menu and you fill out what you want while your waiting in line to make it go by faster.

The Magnolia Market is definitely a fun day trip to take with your girls and I highly recommend it! I definitely plan on coming back but not until the weather is cooler. If you plan on going this summer just prepare for the heat. Today was really hot and kind of took away from the whole experience but if you can handle the heat then more power to ya!!



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