24 hours in L.A

First Stop: Melrose Ave.pink-wall4-1-of-1pink-wall1-1-of-1Next Stop: The Beverly Hills Hotelbev-hills-hotel7-1-of-1bev-hills-hotel9-1-of-1milkshakebev-hills-hotel2-1-of-1bev-hills-hotel3-1-of-1bev-hills-hotel4-1-of-1bev-hills-hotel6-1-of-1bev-hills-hotel5-1-of-1Third Stop: Venice Beachvenice1-1-of-1venice-canals1-1-of-1venice-canals4-1-of-1venice-canals3-1-of-1Last Stop: Pink Motelpink-motel-1-of-1diner

Last week I took a quick little 24-hour trip to L.A and it was just what I needed! Since I only had one day I tried to pack as much as  I possibly could into the short amount of time that I had. Whenever I am planning trips, especially short ones, I do a lot of research before I go so I can best utilize my time.

One of my favorite parts of L.A is Melrose Avenue. Melrose is a funky little area full of amazing shopping, food and art. After spending way too much money at Nasty Gal you can’t leave without snagging a picture against the famous pink wall at the Paul Smith building.

A trip to L.A would not be complete without spending a little time at The Beverly Hills Hotel. This hotel has such a timeless and glamorous feel to it, it was definitely my favorite part of my trip. I had been dying to come here for a while now so I was so happy that it exceeded all of my expectations. When we got there we went to the Fountain Coffee Room and got a snack and an iced coffee. The Fountain Coffee Room is so cute and makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time with its vintage feel. The hotel also has two other restaurants inside that are open to the public: The Cabana Cafe & The Polo Lounge. After getting a little bite to eat you have to just walk around and soak it all in. A night at the Beverly Hills hotel is not cheap by any means but it is so amazing. It is very obvious why it has the reputation of being such an iconic part of Beverly Hills. I have already started saving up so I can spend a weekend here my girls.

Next stop of the day was Venice Beach. We walked around by the beach for a little bit and then we spent the rest of our time on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Abbot Kinney is an area of Venice that has a lot of really cute restaurants and shops that are definitely worth checking out. Abbot Kinney was named after the man who built the Venice Canals, which was my favorite part of Venice. I had no idea this even existed and was so happy when I stumbled upon it. The canals were built to resemble the ones in Venice, Italy. Along side the canals are the cutest little houses that each have their own docks and canoes. The houses were so cute and some of them are Airbnb’s!! If you want to stay in the Venice area you should definitely look into staying in one of the houses along the canals.

Our last stop of the day was the Pink Motel. If you have never heard of it before you have definitely seen it in a movie whether you realized it or not. The pink motel is a filming location that has been used in a lot of movies including Grease 2, Drive and House Bunny. The Pink Motel has seven rooms, which have been professionally designed and customized to recreate the 50’s and 60’s era. On site they also have Cadillac Jacks Cafe, which is a retro 50’s style dinner used specifically for filming.



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