5 cute spots to grab coffee in NYC

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Happy Boneshappybones3-1-of-1happybones1-1-of-1happybones2-1-of-1Mamanmaman9-1-of-1maman3-1-of-1maman6-1-of-1maman7 (1 of 1).jpg

Ralph’s Coffeeralphs3-1-of-1ralphs4-1-of-1ralphs2-1-of-1ralphs1-1-of-1

Sweets by Chloeyou-batter-belive-it-1-of-1sweetbychloe1-1-of-1sweets-by-chloe3-1-of-1sweets-by-chloe4-1-of-1

Pietro Nolita

The infamous pink restaurant tucked away in the NYC neighborhood of Nolita. This cozy little spot is the perfect place to stop in a get a cup of coffee and a mid-afternoon snack. If you are walking down the street you can’t miss it because it is SO pink. If you like pink in the slightest then you will die over this place!  We got the vanilla bean latte and the hot chocolate (which was to die for!!!) They do serve a small breakfast menu and for lunch and dinner they serve Italian fare (which I read mixed reviews about) so I can’t vouch for the food. However, if you are looking for a cozy little spot to warm up and grab a cup of coffee and some cute pictures then you won’t be disappointed! Also make sure you go check out the bathroom while you are there, it is the cutest pink bathroom ever. Between the atmosphere and the coffee at Pietro Nolita this ended up being my favorite spot out of the 5 places listed in this post.

Happy Bones

Happy Bones is located on Broome Street surrounded by good restaurants and good shopping. The coffee I had at Happy Bones was by far my favorite out of all the places that we tried. I got the mocha latte and it was so good. Aside from the coffee the thing I loved the most about Happy Bones was the interior, which has a clean white minimalist aesthetic (perfect for all you instagrammers). The only down side is there isn’t much seating so we had to get our coffee to-go.


Maman is a French inspired coffee shop and cafe located just around the corner from Happy Bones. They have two locations, one in SOHO and one in Tribeca. We just stopped in for a coffee and a quick snack. We got the quiche lorraine and it was so good. They do have a small menu consisting of sandwiches, salads and other small bites if you are looking for more than just a quick snack. Parts of their menu change daily so you can always find something new and fresh every time you go. My favorite part of Maman was the French inspired interior and the mix matched pattern cups and plates. All of the plates and cups have different blue and white floral designs and patterns that really add to the chic, French feel of the place.

Ralph’s Coffee

 Ralph’s Coffee is located on the top floor of Ralph Lauren’s flagship store on 5th avenue. We went at Christmas time so the decorations were so pretty! The coffee shop has windows all around and looks down on all of the hustle and bustle of 5th ave. I loved the ambiance of the whole place. I could have sat there all day because it was so cozy. Being located on 5th ave, it’s the perfect place to pop in for a cup of coffee after a full day of shopping. As for the coffee itself, it was different but really good. They don’t have soy or almond milk but they have hemp milk and it was surprisingly very tasty. I got the hemp milk latte and loved it!

Sweets by Chloe

Calling all vegans.. Sweets by Chloe is located on Bleecker Street right next door to its sister restaurant, by Chloe. I love that they put the two right next door to each other because after you eat at by Chloe you can go right next door to Sweets by Chloe and get a yummy coffee and dessert. Everything by Chloe is vegan, but it is so good you can hardly tell! I got a latte and the seasonal coffee cake. The coffee cake was so freaking good I couldn’t believe it was vegan. Since it is vegan they use all natural sugars and sweeteners so the coffee doesn’t get really sweet but you feel really good about what you are drinking. If you have never tried anything vegan it is definitely worth making the trip in to try. I honestly did not even know it was a vegan place until we got there. I just wanted to go because I had seen how cute it was inside and wanted to go check it out. Everything inside is just adorable. From the napkins, to the cups to the neon you batter believe it sign the whole place is just so cute and definitely worth the trip!



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